About Detcare

Detcare stands for Doctors for ethical care.

We envision a world where every patient has full trust in his/her doctor and every doctor should be able to do the best possible for their patients without any fear. We at Detcare are both the observers and participants in facing this new stress in the doctor patient relationship and we are working to make this relationship the most pious and trusted again.

Detcare for Doctors

We know how difficult it is to give your best in situation of doubts, yet you do it and we at Detcare promote this work and image of yours.

Detcare has become the trusted place for thousands of Doctors to have an online presence for themselves and for their Clinics/Hospitals, to connect with their patients through their personal message and build a trusted relationship with them.

We help you to reach out to your patients and your patients to you in a more positive way. Have your presence on Detcare by creating your Account and see the impact it brings to your practice and to the trust you expect.

Detcare for Patients

Dear Patients, your trust empowers every doctor to do everything they can to make you healthy and at Detcare we are determined to make healthcare a better experience by helping you in making an informed choice and to make you feel assured that your doctor will do the best when it comes to treating you. Meaningful healthcare must be affordable, must be good and we are helping you to choose the best for you.

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