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  • Posted On December 14, 2018

Fox 2 reporter takes her Life, after struggling to recover from LASIK surgery

A well-known TV Michigan meteorologist and mother-of-two has taken her own life a month after telling fans she was struggling to recover from laser eye surgery that she got so she could finally stop wearing her contact lenses.

Jessica Starr, 35, worked for Fox 2 since 2011.

Starr had two young children. She leaves them behind along with her husband of eight years, Daniel.

'All of us here at FOX 2 are in deep shock and cannot believe that such a wonderful, bright and intelligent individual will no longer be with us.’ Fox 2 said in a statement.

Over the last month, Starr said she had been facing 'challenging times' since undergoing Lasik SMILE eye surgery.

Lasik is a very standard procedure done by doctors across the globe. Sometimes it have some side effects, Dry eyes is one of them.

She had the operation last month and posted regular updates thereafter.

'I am struggling a little bit so I need all the prayers and well wishes. This is a hard go.’

'If you have any tips I'd appreciate it, I'm trying to stay strong and get through this recovery,’ she said in the posts.

'Please keep me in your thoughts during this challenging time. Will keep you updated,' was her final post.

In another similar suicide incident in November, Canadian Paul Fitzpatrick, 56, took his own life after blaming the procedure for giving him 20 years of intolerable pain in his eyes.

Millions of people go for Lasik surgery every year and around 1 percent face complications thereafter.

The American Refractive Surgery Council claims that LASIK has never been the 'primary cause' of someone's post-operative blindness, though post-operative complications can be troubling in some cases.

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