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  • Posted On December 07, 2018

Sitting 32km away from the Patient, Cardiologist performs world’s first Teleangioplasty

In a move that can change the norms of cardiology, interventional cardiologist Dr. Tejas Patel from India performed an angioplasty on a middle-aged woman, who was in the operating theatre some 32km away, through the world’s first in-human telerobotic coronary intervention.

He has developed robotic technology for coronary intervention, a first in Asia. With the help of a robot, Dr. Patel has started robotic-assisted stenting on the heart patients.

“So far, we have successfully conducted more than 50 angioplasty surgeries since commercial installation of vascular robotic system,” he said.

He added that this is the first and the only Vascular Robotic system outside the United States.

“With the help of robotics, we get higher rate of accuracy and precision in carrying out stenting and other complex surgeries. It will also lead to tele-stenting (ability to stent patients at remote locations.)”

The USFDA-approved robotic technology for coronary angioplasty or stenting provides accuracy of sub-1 millimetre, as against maximum possible 5-10 millimetres in case of humans.

The robotic system comprises of three parts namely a cath lab-integrated robotic arm, a cockpit — from where the cardiologists will command the robot through joystick — and a replaceable-cassette that carries the clinical materials for each individual case requirements.

Costing about US $1.5 million, the robotic system has in-built artificial intelligence which helps cardiologists take sound clinical judgements.

The first robotic-assisted stenting was performed via right dorsal transradial access by Dr. Patel with his partner Dr. Sanjay Shah.

“It is little costly [sic] than normal procedure done manually but we are keen to popularise the use of new technology so we will support those patients who can’t afford [it] and will also train cardiologists to adopt the new technology,”.

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