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  • Posted On December 21, 2018

Woman delivers while Hanging herself, Baby found tangled between the Legs with Cord attached

In a nerve wrenching incident, an unborn baby survived after his mother committed suicide by hanging.

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, India, where the police rescued a baby who was delivered after his mother committed suicide by hanging herself to death. The baby was found strangled in his mother's sari.

The 36-year-old woman was found hanging from the ceiling of a cowshed in Katani district. Her husband reported about her suicide at around 6.30 am to the police. "When we woke up at around 6 am, we found she was missing. I searched around for her and found her hanging in the nearby shed," he said. He first saw his wife hanging and informed the corporators and his neighbours.

Laxmi was nine months' pregnant and she had four other children.

Sub-inspector Kavita Sahni reached the spot first after receiving a message from the police control room. She cleaned the baby and placed him a sheet below his mother's body until doctors came and cut the umbilical cord. The police then shifted him to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a hospital.

According to reports by TOI, the police got a call around 7.13am that a woman has committed suicide by hanging herself. They reached the spot quickly and while examining her body found the baby trapped inside her cloths. He was alive. I called for immediate medical assistance. After cutting the umbilical cord and separating him, we brought mother's body down for an autopsy.'

“It is difficult to find out the exact timing of her suicide and the delivery. But it is for sure that the baby was born while hanging'. 

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