I was brought into a job dealing with children who had ADHD and ASD, extremely demanding job and parents (4 full clinics a week) with added evening on calls and 1 inn4 A & E weekend rota. It was plated down intitially and then slowly piled upon, rendering me incapable of taking a breath to think. I complained to the management and was dismissed told ‘we all do that’ or the dialogue insinuating my apparently incompetent. Performance. 
However, when my physical health deteriorated rapidly, I had to put up a fight to get relief from this draconian regime. My OH told me to leave the job. 

Chief nursing officer said this is a case of ‘high functioning consultant trapped in a low functioning unit syndrome.  I was asked to keep a diary by the HR, MD and CEO that they took no notice of! I must highlight that on a certain period during its completion, to my abject horror I realized I had been working or finished work CONTINUOUSLY for past 22 days 
although at at different time shifts! 
The trust states that I accepted all additional work on my own will and had no responsibility to this third world labour I was put through. 


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