Are eyelash extensions worth it, considering the health risks?

Health should always trump beauty, especially when there are risks involved. Our advice is to avoid eyelash extensions altogether, and stick to fresh mascara or eyeliner. Although, if you feel like you have to absolutely try them, make sure you take these necessary safety precautions, recommended by the AAO. Research the technician and establishment where you plan to have the procedure done. Ask for their certifications and all side effects that may occur. If the aesthetician cannot answer your questions, keep shopping until you find one who can. Assess the salon’s environment and hygiene practices. Can you observe frequent hand washing? Are the instruments sanitized? Read up on each ingredient in the glue used to adhere the eyelashes. This may be what convinces you to pursue other ways of enhancing your look. Some salons won’t even offer you the package for inspection, which should be an indication to use caution. If you do notice signs of infection, see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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