Complications of Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder Surgery is most common abdominal surgery. It is called as laparoscopic cholecystectomy as mostly it is done laparoscopically. Symptomatic gallbladder stone disease is most common indication for gallbladder surgery. The incidence of complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy has decreased. The gallbladder Surgery complications include


It occur due to injury to blood vessels. Whenever there is bleeding intra-operatively dont be panic. Introduce a gauze piece inside the abdomen.Applying pressure at the bleeding site by gauze piece is first step. Small venous injury stops after packing only. Field should be cleared and after proper visualization bleeding point should be identified and either cauterized or clipped should be applied. Immediately convert to open surgery if bleeding is not controlled laparoscopically.

Bile duct Injury

The bile duct injury incidence has been decreased after the learning curve of laparoscopic surgery. It occur when there is dense adhesions at gallbladder fossa. It should be converted to open surgery in such difficult cases. Dissection should be done close to the gallbladder. Convert to open whenever intraop there is doubt of bile duct injury. If it cannot be managed then put a drain and patient should be referred to higher centre

Injury to Bowel

Due to recurrent inflammation bowel get adhered at gallbladder fossa especially in cases of chronic cholecystitis. Most commonly injured organs include pylorus and duodenum. Another common site of injury is Hepatic Flexure. In post-op period if recovery is not smooth and Common Bile duct is normal a high suspicious of bowel injury should be suspected and CECT abdomen should be done

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