Delayed Dentition in Children

Delayed Dentition in Children

Tooth eruption is a phase of development in which teeth erupts through jaw in oral cavity. Various phases of tooth eruption are: Pre-eruptive phase, Eruptive phase and Post eruptive phase.

Delayed dentition is defined as when concurrent tooth in the adjacent quadrant has erupted or when there is a delay of over 6 months after the defined normal eruption time visit

Causes can be

1) Local condition:- a) trauma surgery like of mucosal injury

b) oral cavity tumours

c) radiation damage

d) oral clefts

2) Systemic condition:-

a) prematurity- itself causes delayed growth and development which can affect dentition too.

b) malnutrition- it affects skeletal growth causing tooth eruption problem due to poor nutrition.

c) vitamin D resistant rickets- hypo-phosphatemic rickets also causing delayed dentition beyond first year of life.

d) endocrine disorders:- disturbances of endocrine glands have profound effect on body like in

case of hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism, pseudohypoparathyroidism

e) HIV infection- delayed dentition is related to HIV infection also

f) cerebral palsy- it is a motor disorder due to abnormality of immature brain and is related to

delayed dentition

g) Celiac disease- gluten intolerance

h) Icthyosis- it is a hereditary disorder characterized by accumulation of hyperkeratotic scales on

skin surface.

3) Genetic conditions:- like Down syndrome, Hurler syndrome, Osteopatrosis etc.

Reassurance is the first step in delayed dentition as most of the cases of apparent delay are within the normal range.


a) Proper history and examination- which includes oral cavity examination, teeth examination and systemic examination.


a) Blood investigations to rule out any underlying infection

b) Vitamin D levels

c) Calcium and phosphorous level

d) Hormonal analysis to check any developmental delay

Treatment:- treat the underlying cause of poor dentition.

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