It is a language based learning disability which involves difficulties with specific language skills like reading, spelling

DYSLEXIA- WHY CAN’T I READ?It is a language based learning disability which involves difficulties with specifi...
Cause: It’s not clear, why this happens but anatomical and brain imagery studies show differences in the way the brain of #dyslexic person develops and function. It’s not due to either lack of intelligence or desire to learn. Effects: Its effect is different in different person and depends on the severity of the condition and effectiveness of remedies. It also affects a person’s self image. They feel themselves dumb and less capable. They are under immense academic and performance stress and are always judged for their poor performance and intelligence. Signs: • The problem is difficulties in acquiring and using written language. It’s a myth that they read backwards, although spelling can look jumbled as student faces difficulty in remembering letter symbols for sounds and forming memories for words. • Difficulty in speaking • Difficulty in learning letters and sounds • Difficulty in reading quickly • Difficulty in spelling • Difficulty in doing math operations Treatment: • It’s a long term condition which can be dealt with proper help and support from parents, teachers, doctors, therapists etc. • Approach should be multidisciplinary • Child should be encouraged, guided, taught in the way that they don’t feel they lack something. Remember, they are not special but need our special attention to seek their problem. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn,” Benjamin Franklin

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