“Having Neck Pain?, your Mobile phone is the culprit”

“Having Neck Pain?, your Mobile phone is the culprit”

Experts in the west have termed this ailment as ‘Text Neck’ and it is affecting millions worldwide. Research reveals that people, especially youngsters who use smartphones, end up with severe neck pain. If the problem is not attended to at the right time, it may worsen and lead to degeneration of bones and joints in the neck.

"My orthopaedician had asked me to see a physiotherapist, who prescribed me several neck exercises and advised me to keep correcting my posture while I am working on computer or mobile phones. In fact, I was advised to try and hold the phone straight at my eye level to reduce the strain on my neck muscles." said a text neck patient.

Text neck is said to be a position of neck at the time of texting on phone. If the neck is tilted in the forward position, the head weight strains the spinal cord.

Dr Manoj Kumar, a senior consultant said: "We see at least 2-3 cases every day. The root cause is nothing but excessive use of smart phones. When the pain is too severe, they have to undergo physiotherapy sessions. If such a problem is not treated on time, it may lead to degeneration of bones and joints in the neck, which generally occurs after 50."

"There is no specific reason for issues like neck pain; but it may not be wrong to say that use of mobile phones is one of the major causes. Longer the use of mobile phones with protruded neck position, more is the neck pain," said another doctor.

So what is the way out ? – the only way out is to keep the neck position as straight as possible while using mobile or laptop and to do regular neck exercises for muscle strengthening.

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