How safe is the Nitrogen served in drinks in the bars?

How safe is the Nitrogen served in drinks in the bars?

It can even kill you.

All kinds of recipes are made in the bars nowadays. Getting popular is the immediate chilling effect of liquid nitrogen.

Recently a 30-year-old businessman had to get part of his stomach removed after he gulped down a drink laced with liquid nitrogen, which burnt a hole in his stomach.

He ordered the pub's latest offering - a cocktail with liquid nitrogen to make it freeze instantly. He quickly downed it, even before the smoke coming out of the drink could evaporate. Within minutes, he started feeling uneasy. By the time he was rushed to hospital, he had turned restless and drowsy, and his abdomen was grossly bloated.

The nitrogen must have got frozen inside the stomach, creating the constriction of blood vessels, which must have caused necrosis leading to hole.

Dr Goswami, who operated on him to fix the hole in his stomach, sought his family's consent for 'death on table'. "I was not hopeful of his survival," the doctor said.

“Because of the large perforation and unhealthy tissues surrounding the perforation, the surgical team decided to remove the lower portion of the stomach and artificially join the remaining portion with small intestine”.

"It is potentially very dangerous. It is even colder than the coldest winter night in Antarctica, and will give any human tissue instant frostbite. Moreover, when liquid nitrogen turns from a liquid to a gas, it expands more than 500 times. If it is swallowed and gets down into the person's stomach, it could explode," .

“Those who have it must ensure that all the liquid has evaporated before consuming it.”

Get the proper knowledge before you go for any such adventures, lest it becomes your last adventure.

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