How to plan your day best to keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy during this lockdown due to covid -19 m

  1. start your day with positivity, yoga, mediation- take this phase to rejuvenate and refresh yourself. Focus on your inner self, meditate and connect with your inner well being. As life slows down, take initiative to build your health by doing yoga or exercise at home. 
  2. Follow healthy diet - now we have enough time to finish our breakfast, lunch & dinner. A proper balanced diet rich with vitamins , minerals and antioxidants can be planned and prepared for whole family which will boost immune system our your family. One should include lots of citrious fruits, different coloured vegetables and dry fruits and nuts in your meal. Learning and trying new tasty recipes will definitely give you taste of life. 
  3. Enjoy your forgotten hobby for which you were not getting time. It can be anything- drawing, painting, gardening, stitching, designing or anything you love to do n enjoy. 
  4. Spend quality time with your family. Listen to your elder ones, talk to your kids, use this time to inculcate good habits in them. Teach your kids importance of discipline, boost their moral, answer their queries and most importantly play with them. Sort out your differences with your spouse and make your bond stronger. 
  5. Most importantly thank god for whatever he has given to us. Pray your God to help you to make your life fruitful and helpful for others. 

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