How you can improve your mind ?

How you can improve your mind ?

Improving one’s mind is possibly the most powerful practice of the Human Optimisation Pyramid, in terms of the possibilities it opens.

Sleep, diet and fitness are all very much about the avoidance of negative outcomes (such as disease states and chronic illnesses), whereas cognitive enhancement is just that, enhancement!

It’s expanding your toolkit and going beyond your current capabilities, in order to quite literally take your mind to a new level. This distinction—albeit subtle—is quite important to understand.

To improve your mind you first need to enhance your body, by taking care of all the other systems (sleep, diet and fitness). Once they’re taken care of it’s time to explore new domains, and make use out of that 3 pound blob of neurological soup in your head, aka the brain. It’s a beautiful thing, irrespective of its blobby appearance.


Thankfully science has a relatively solid understanding of how neurotransmitters work in the brain, and what systems they influence. This allows one to partake in certain activities, utilise certain gadgets and ingest many classes of compounds that have many neurological and pharmacological effects on your brain and body, which in turn help us get a mental edge without negative side-effects.

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