In Need Of Urgent Heart Surgery, 3-Month-Old given Date of 2024 by AIIMS

In Need Of Urgent Heart Surgery, 3-Month-Old given Date of 2024 by AIIMS

Such is the mismatch between resources and need that a 3month old baby in need of urgent care, is given a date of 2024 at AIIMS. And going by her condition, she will not survive till that time if not operated upon urgently.

Nancy has a hole in her heart and required an urgent surgery, a senior HCFI(Heart Care Foundation if India) official said.

According to her father, Ajay Kumar, a resident of Faridabad, the baby had a cough and breathing problems following which she was admitted to Safdarjung hospital where she was diagnosed with large VSD with severe pulmonary artery hypertension.

Safdarjung hospital authorities advised Nancy's family to take her to AIIMS for surgery following which they visited the premier hospital mid-October.

She underwent several tests which confirmed she had a hole in her heart and doctors at AIIMS said she needed to undergo surgery for the same.

"They asked us to deposit Rs. 57,000 but gave us a date for surgery in February 2024, citing long waiting period. We cannot wait for so long as our daughter is in lot of pain," Mr Kumar alleged.

Finding helplessness, the family then approached the Heart Care Foundation of India, a registered charitable trust, for help.

The HCFI team of experts examined the child and decided that she needed immediate surgery.

"We wrote to the AIIMS administration requesting them to expedite the process and give an early date but there was no response. Despite writing several times, the administration did not take any action following which we approached Medanta hospital. The management has agreed to admit the patient and conduct the surgery," Yogesh Pant, a project manager at HCFI, said.

The surgery would be funded under the HCFI's initiative Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund, which assists financially weak people requiring heart surgery.

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