Is Acne just a skin problem or a diet problem?

Acne is a common problem that we have all had while growing up or continue to have it. It’s irritating, we hate it and have also tried to beat it with the numerous types of skin care treatments. For a few these treatments have proved good but, for many the acne burst returns back may be at the same spot as before even after taking the utmost care. One tends to wonder what is the cause for acne to keep occurring and re-occurring? The heightened cause of acne is a complex interaction of changing hormones, sebum, overgrowth of bacteria and inflammation. To get a better understanding of this, let’s get deep into the skin structure, We all individuals have a small sebaceous glands which lie just under the skin surface. These glands make the oil (sebum) that keeps the skin supple and smooth. Tiny pores on the skin allow the sebum to come on to the skin surface. Some of these pores get blocked due to the skin on top of the pores get thicker by combining with the dead skin cells that are shed into the pores. Thereafter, we notice tiny spots known as blackheads and whiteheads that block the pores. As a rule, the more sebum that you create, the greasier your skin feels and the worse acne is likely to be trapped and this is an ideal situation for a germ (bacterium) to live and multiply on that. If a large number develop in the trapped sebum, the immune system may react and cause inflammation. Often in women, the acne will break out in the exact same area mostly around their menstrual cycle. This may be related to hormones. This may be called as ‘stress’ area – a certain area on your face where whenever your immune system is compromised due to stress or illness, acne occurs. That pore may be damaged from picking or squeezing it in the past or a ‘natural’ weakness in the pore walls. It is unable to keep oil and infection out as easily and inflammation takes place frequently. Sometimes, a recurring pimple is because there is inflammation still very deep within the skin. While the surface may disappear temporarily, it is still there under the surface. We can’t do much when it comes to the hormonal changes but, the other causes of acne is food intake. Certain foods like bad fats in fast foods and junk foods, processed and refined foods especially sugar, white bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, chips, cookies and cakes, full fat dairy products causes spike in blood sugar levels and lead to acne. The key is to eat foods that keep your blood sugar and body pH alkaline steady. Here are few tips… *Vegetables namely cucumbers, peas, cauliflower,beetroot, broccoli, lemons, leafy vegetables. The more vegetables you have the clearer skin you get. *Omega 3 oils namely walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, fish and fish oils. *Antioxidants mainly like VitA, Vit E and zinc like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, papaya, nuts like almonds, peanuts, shellfish, avocados and mushrooms. *Water and High Fiber Foods for adequate hydration and detoxifying the body. It never happens that one plan suits all, so you can experiment to find a perfect balance between the skin and body changes, maintain a diary, observe the changes, track them and carve out the best suitable food plan for a healthy and clear skin. There are many factors that contribute to acne and diet is just one of them. Along with eating clean and avoiding acne triggers, a good skin care routine like using correct face wash, sporting a sunscreen daily and moisturizing your skin is vital to maintaining a clear complexion.

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