Obsessive compulsive disorder - ocd

Obsessive compulsive disorder - ocd

Obsessive compulsive disorder – OCD is a Fear of contamination typically involves excessive concern regarding the threat of illness or disease, the feeling of being physically unclean or it may be need to understand again and again due to feeling of not cleared,  even feelings of being mentally polluted. Feared contaminants are not simply limited to dirt, germs, and viruses, it  may be include such things as blood, household chemicals, sticky substances or residues, people who appear unclean or unkempt, and various types of insects or animals.

Some of patients i have met :

Case 1  A 12th standard female student, was unable to completed her single page text book read, due to some where her mind was directed to” you are not cleared so ready again”, her father was literally crying to cure his daughter,  within 4 months of continues Traditional Psychological Acupuncture treatment , I could cured her 80% ocd symptoms.

Case 2 : I commonly meet many cases like this, A 35 years old nurse was  feeling of dirty, and not cleaned her hands perfectly,

Case 3 : A 42 years old married man feeling of insecure, checking frequently his gas connection, locks, some time his health condition related to disease symptoms

Some other cases like stage fear, arguing with friends and colleagues without any reason also i have treated,

OCD treatment through Traditional acupuncture give very high response, since it is more related to psychological issues, many medical treatments failed to treat this kind of problems. for treatment procedure please visit

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