Changing weather and alarming air pollution causes many problems which we face in our day to day life. Due to extreme cold condition this winter, there are many emerging health issues in children like bronchitis, rhinitis, middle ear infections, viral exanthema, dry skin etc.

There are certain points which we should remember for winters:

• Small babies and young children should be clothed well, it means one layer more than adults
• Keep children away from extreme cold waves especially early morning and late evenings
• Cover them with caps, mittens, socks, boots etc.
• Skip regular bathing especially for very small babies
• Adequate warmth on sunny day is good for health
• Flu vaccine is important as it’s the peak season for flu infections
• Avoid public places especially for small babies to prevent them from cross infections
• School break if required for children suffering from ailments to avoid exposure to other children
• Keep giving them plenty of lukewarm water to drink and home remedies like tulsi, ginger helps in preventing various infections
• Avoid using blower as it causes dry air but can use oil heaters
• Avoid conditions like dry skin by using regular moisturizers and oils especially for face
• Consult your doctor if child is suffering from any ailment like cough and cold, rashes, ear pain etc.
• Give fresh fruits and vegetables of the season
• Avoid very cold food items and junk food
• While sleeping child should be properly covered to avoid cold exposure
• Small babies should have dry day and nights (diaper use)
• Steam inhalation and gargles sort small issues like sore throat, nose block ( depending upon the condition)

These important point help parents understand the precautions to be taken care of in extreme winters.

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