Public Begging For Blood Donation

Can you, we or any government agency tell how many units of blood is lacking in Delhi, due to which the relatives of the patient have to take this step.

No one has the right answer to this, but there is definitely a solution to this and that is voluntary blood donation first by going to your nearest government blood bank and waiting for any call or happening, the problem will go away on its own.

Secondly, if you cannot donate blood for any reason, then make them aware of what you can do.

Third, those who donate blood regularly must be encouraged.

You and we cannot prove any government guilty for lack of blood donation, the aspect that works for this is just and only lack of awareness.

This is the reason why blood banks of many states of the country are running 100% voluntary blood donation.

So come together to make Delhi like them and save your loved ones.

If you have any question regarding blood donation, write it in the comment box.

Jai Hind

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