Skin Care at Gym

With people getting more careful about health, lots are hitting the gym. There's no doubt that going to the gym is great for your body and overall health, but it can be easy to focus on your physique and forget about your skin. Working out doesn't have to mean compromising your skincare routine. Here are certain tips which may help you on a long run 1. Hands Off Sweating is a great way to detoxify your skin, but touching the same machines and equipment as used by others is a great way to spread bacteria to your skin. Do your best not to touch your face during your workout. And if you have long hair, pull your strands back. Otherwise, any hair products you used that day could drip down onto your face or neck, clogging pores and causing breakouts. 2. Be Gentle If you’ve been sweating for the past hour, then you might be very tempted to scrub yourself from tip to toe to feel clean again, but this could spell disaster, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin already. Instead use a gentle shampoo and cleanser, which will do the trick no matter how sweaty you’ve gotten. 3. Skip the Hot water Your muscles are sore and you’re exhausted but you must resist the urge to spend the next half-hour in the hot shower. It may soothe your muscles, but it will also strip your skin of vital oils, leaving you dry, itchy and unhappy. 4. Don't Skimp On Moisturizer As much as it might feel like, the sweat session you just finished is not exactly quenching your skin with moisture. After you wash your face, you'll still need to apply on moisturizer to replenish water your skin lost during your workout. The best time to re-hydrate thirsty skin is right out of the shower. 5. Re-hydrate your Body While we’re on the subject of hydration, don’t forget to re-hydrate your body after your workout, too! Water is the best recovery drink, but you can also try protein shakes too. 6. Protect your Skin Before you leave the gym and head out, protect your precious skin from the elements. Apply a layer of sun protection (Sunscreen SPF 30 or above), even in winter. For further information, contact Dr Gauri’s Skin & Hair Clinic at 702-464-3430.

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