Stress & Acne

HAVING STRESS: Lesser the better if you have acne Do you think our youth is under lot of stress? The answer is surely an emphatic YES. So the question is, does stress cause acne or is acne causing stress? Well stress is definitely related to acne. Infact an interesting survey was conducted by Stanford University comparing pimple popping during exams & non-exam period. They concluded that there were more pimple breakouts in college students during period nearing for exams, as compared to non exam periods. This gives us a clear hint that there is surely a link. Does Stress really cause Acne? Many Scientists and doctors have long speculated that stress and acne are linked. Exact reasons are yet to be found out. In our inner lining of our skin there are millions of cells which produce oil (sebum). Sebum actually doesn’t allow fungal infections to occur, keeps skin moisturize & avoids wrinkles but its gifted with one special thing receptors for stress hormones (reported by National Center for Biotechnology Information). One such stress hormne is cortisol produce by brain only when we take too much of stress. Surprisingly there is one micro organism known as P.acne which loves oil and it thrives on the skin. The moment one takes stress,it causes release of cortisol thereby triggering oil production on face and ready food for P.acne (micro-organism). Today world is getting more & more polluted, there is dust everywhere, every second upper lining of skin dies new one takes place which causes skin pores to block & proliferation of P.acne, resulting in acne Molecular biology research has also conducted any experiments finding link between stress and acne. Research has concluded that oil producing cells have many neuroendocrine mediators which help trigger oil production under skin. Example corticotropin-releasing hormone, neuropeptide, β-endorphin, vasoactive polypeptide, melanocortins and calcitonin gene-related peptide. After binding with ligands, these receptors promote & regulate the production of inflammatory cytokines, proliferation, differentiation, lipogenesis and androgen metabolism in sebocytes. By means of their endocrine, autocrine, and paracrine actions, these neuroendocrine factors topically and centrally induced stress towards oil (sebaceous) glands, eventually affecting the clinical course of acne or pimples. Stress can be reduced by Exercising Doing yoga regularly Drinking at least 4-5 liters of water Preparing yourselves well in advance Eat right food on time Sleeping at least 8hrs in night Talking about stress to your parents & friends Less Stress will lead to Less Acne should be our motto.

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