Swaddling a baby: How to do?

Swaddling a baby: How to do?

When to do? What are benefits?

Swaddling is a traditional method of wrapping cotton cloth snuggly around baby, which at time of birth is done by nurses and later on at home by parents. It makes baby calm and warm which resembles like in mother’s womb.

How to do?
Choice of cloth: it should be breathable, cotton, thin blanket or muslin wraps. It should cover trunk only not on neck and face.
• Swaddle should be firm (neither too tight nor too loose), baby movements should be permitted like he can do kicking and can position his legs naturally i.e outward extended.

• Lay swaddling cloth on bed and make it in Diamond shape

• Put your baby back on it and make right side of blanket across the front, to the left side and the bottom corner of blanket should cover chest and not the neck.

• Then left side of blanket across the front to the right side making the baby snug fit.

• Leg movements should not be restricted so as there are chances of hip dysplasia.

After swaddling, position of baby should be back on bed not front on bed

When to do?

It should be done in newborns to age of 2 or 3 months, because at this age they starts rolling sideways which should be permitted.

What are Benefits:-
It calms baby which makes him feel as if in womb of mother. Baby sleeps for longer time

Startle reflexes in babies leads to unnecessary wake ups which get reduced in swaddling

Points to remember:-
Too tight swaddling may lead to hip dysplasia if done for longer period.

Make sure captivity is not so much to limit leg and arm movements.

Stop swaddling as baby starts reflexes of turning sideways.

Don’t over layer cloth while swaddling.

Swaddling should not be done while breastfeeding as baby takes particular position around mother to feed.

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