Teething is the process of the eruption of primary teeth through the gums called as Odontiasis.

Usually primary small teeth incisors erupt without much difficulty, but larger ones sometime are difficult to erupt.

This phenomenon starts around 4 months to 15 months of age for primary dentition.
Usual order of eruption of primary teeth:
•    Central incisors- 6-12 months of age
•    Lateral incisors- 9-16 months of age
•    Canine teeth- 16-23 months of age
•    First molars- 13-19 months of age
•    Second molars- 22-24 months of age


Between 6 years to 12 years of age the roots of these 20 baby teeth degenerate allowing their replacement with 32 permanent adult teeth.
Local signs are:
•    Swelling of gums
•    Redness over gums and cheeks
•    Keeping hands and fingers inside mouth
•    Excess of salivation

Systemic signs are:
•    Irritability
•    Crying
•    Excess of salivation and drooling
•    Decreased appetite
•    Restlessness
•    Increased thirst
•    Rash around mouth
•    Cough sometimes

As child keep on putting hands inside mouth and sometimes toys or stuff around them, they may tend to develop:
•    Fever
•    Diarrhea
•    Vomiting
•    Bronchitis etc.

Explanation for the symptoms:
•    Eruption- causes local inflammation which includes pain, redness, swelling
•    Irritability-  child puts whatever is around in mouth to relief pain
•    Dirty objects- causes infection
•    If not relieved- causes restlessness, refusal to eat, sleeplessness

•    Educating parents about teething and it’s a natural process
•    Maintain oral, hand and surrounding hygiene
•    Clean gums with clean clothes
•    Adequate nutrition and supplements

•    Gentle massage with fingers or clean cloth
•    Increase liquid intake
•    Give objects to chew like wooden teeters, cucumber and carrot whole etc.
•    Avoid plastics to avoid infection
•    Can use glycerin, lignocaine for local use (generally avoid as children can’t hold for long and swallow it quickly) and given paracetamol as anti inflammatory medicine

If problem persists for long, seek advice of your pediatrician(Child Specialist near me in gurgaon) to rule out infection.
Teething is an important milestone of growth of child.

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