" THE WHITE DISCHARGE " Private stories of a Government doctor .Book by Dr Saleem MBBS MBA

Dr Saleem Nadaf


Hi all .
This is Dr Saleem from Bangalore .Guys I have written a book called "THE WHITE DISCHARGE " private stories of a govt Dr .This book is about struggle of a Dr rather all the Drs in India.Its about an an Dr who gets into Government services and starts giving a good service ,the challenges he faces .ordeal he undergoes because of his good services .Through this book I have tried to give n insight into medical profession from a doctors perspective ,for a pt or a common man .How Indian health system is metastasized by quacks ?.Why is medical profession so risky here ? why are doctors leaving India .? Why are our health indicators bad ?.Its an honest representation of doctors current condition in India .
Its available on Amazon world wide and on flipkart .Downloadable versions are also available .
Read and reccomend .

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