Why vaccine causes fever in Babies?

Vaccinations are the greatest method of saving the lives of the human being as they prevent a variety of diseases, infections, and illnesses. Vaccines have improved the lives of millions of children all around the world. Vaccinations are giving to prevent diseases in the future. Even, vaccines play a major role in preventing the risk of epidemics. The majority of #vaccines are in the form of shots. While they are vital for better health, but in some cases, vaccines may cause unwanted reactions like fever, redness, or swelling.

Fever doesn’t happen with every vaccine but is associated with some like DPT combination vaccines, typhoid vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine etc. it happens due to content of vaccine like pertusis component of DPT vaccine which is notorious to cause fever, pain and redness. If you are suffering from a fever after having a shot of the vaccine, this is because vaccines are really weakened versions of the virus. Your immune system will battle this weaken virus once it goes into your body. A fever is a sign that the communications of immune cells are creating antibodies. The fever slows down the spreading of pathogens. So, fever is a good immune response of the body.

Various kinds of vaccines can cause fever-
1) DPT (whole cell and acellular) and combination
2) typhoid vaccine
3) Pneumococcal vaccine
4) Influenza vaccine

Babies may have a fever of 40°C or 100°F -101°F starting 2 or 3 hours after the vaccine shots. Even, babies may face various side effects like sleepiness, loss of appetite, swelling, or redness.

Vaccinations can be a tough time for parents as well as babies as they feel helpless watching their baby cry. But, vaccinations play a significant role in preventing the lives of babies from getting life-threatening diseases. Fever is one of the most common side effects of vaccination.

Fever is normal after vaccination-
Some babies experience mild/moderate fever after having a vaccine shot, and this is a very normal condition. It means that your baby’s immune system is reacting to the vaccination. That's why you should not be concerned if your baby having a mild fever.

You may need medical attention in case of-
1. The fever is above 100.4°F
2. Swelling or redness at the site of injection last over 48 hours
3. Fever that lasts for more than 3days
4. Extreme fatigue
5. Stomach pain
6. Ear pain
7. Vomiting or diarrhea
8. Extreme drowsiness
9. Difficulty in swallowing of fluids

How to manage fever in babies?
• Take care of child’s uneasiness by distraction, regular feeding, cuddling, loving, and caring child.
• Give paracetamol drops/syrup according to your doctor’s advice. Medicine to be given in regular interval for pain, fever, swelling and redness.
• Cold compression (not very chilled) over the injection site to decrease pain, swelling and redness.
• No over clothing which can increase the body temperature.
• Keep child well hydrated and fed.
• Keep your baby in a well-ventilated room. Keep the window open and let the fresh air inside the room.
• Consult your doctor for any emergency like
1. High fever
2. Swelling over injection site increasing
3. Fever more then 3 days
4. Fatigue
5. Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea
6. Seizures
7. Unconsciousness
8. Drowsiness etc.

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