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(10 Tablet) of 50mg
Rs. 7.50 INR


(10 Tablet) of 20+5mg
Rs. 90.50 INR


(10 Tablet) of 100mg
Rs. 25.00 INR


(10 Tablet) of 250mg
Rs. 44.00 INR


(15 Capsule) of 50mg
Rs. 96.00 INR

Frequently Asked Questions

Drug/Salt –It is the real content inside a tablet ,capsules, inj . It is what a tablet is made up of. This is what is going to work on a disease.

Medicine name – It is the name by which a medicine is sold in the market. Anyone can give any name to a medicine but the drug/salt inside will remain the same in all the similar medicines or similar class medicines.

We are giving information of various medicines which are same in nature and have the same drug/salt composition but are sold by different names and different prices. So basically we are empowering the doctor and the patient to have the information of the cheaper or the suitable options of the drugs they want to take.

It is very difficult to find out. Theoretically they all should be same but in our country where quality standards are poorly enforced, it is difficult to ensure quality in every medicine. So the easier way is to know what quality certificates are those companies having with them.

It is very common that a medicine is manufactured by someone and is sold by some other company. In certain cases a single manufacturer will sell the medicines to different companies which in turn will sell that in market with different names and different prices. So which one should be responsible for the quality? The manufacturing company or the marketing company? There are poor regulations in our country to oversee this.

Brand – This is the name given by a company which has invented a new drug (medicine). So it’s prices are always higher as sometimes a company spends even thousands of crores to invent a new drug. This company will have the sole right to sell this medicine upto 20years.

Brand Generic – After the above mentioned 20 years , any company can manufacture and sell the drug. As they donot spend any money on the research so they can sell it at a cheaper rates. These medicines will be sold by companies by their names and hence have a brand name.

Generic drugs – This is the name given to a medicine when it is sold by it’s drug/salt name. There will be no company brand name written over the medicine. As the companies donot spend any money on their marketing , hence they are cheapest in all .

Any quality difference in them? – Theoretically there should not be any quality difference in all three of them as the approval for manufacturing is given only after proper certifications. But again in our country as quality certifications are not properly enforced so it is difficult to give the assurance of the quality.

Even though they are made up of same drug/salt but still some differences can come in their functioning as different manufacturers might choose different processes and raw materials. This is specially important in medicines which have a very narrow range of action and also in certain sensitive diseases. But most of the times an alternative can be chosen with a consultation with your doctor. In certain cases a medicine might work in one patient and might not work in other patient.

So a doctor will be a better person to assess the patient's specific situation. So if you want to buy a cheaper alternative ,then tell your doctor that there is a cheaper version available and if he/she finds no problem in changing the medicine , he/she will certainly prescribe it for you.

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