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  • Posted On November 02, 2018

Doctors saved man's severed Hand by grafting it to his Leg

Doctors in China saved man's severed hand by grafting it to his leg and have now got a good prognosis.

The man had his left hand chopped off during a work accident involving a spinning blade machine and was rushed to hospital where Doctors decide to operate to give him the chance to “revive” his lost hand.

The surgical team were unable to reattach the hand to the arm straight away as the severed nerves and tendons needed time to heal.

There were great risks to reattach the hand back directly to the arm, as tissues of the severed [area] were greatly damaged,"

Instead they grafted the hand to lower right calf, and connected it to blood vessels in the region to keep the tissue alive.

After about a month, the blood vessels and tendons in arm healed and the doctors reattached the appendage to its original limb.

And this not the first time they have done it. 

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