• By Detcare
  • Posted On August 01, 2018

Don’t fall in trap of selling your Child’s hunger to Milk companies| Detcare

Don’t fall in trap of selling your child’s hunger to milk companies, at least till the baby is of 6months age. A mother’s milk is the best and should be the only food till the age of 6months, unless the mother is having some compulsion of not being able to breastfeed.

Although every mother decides how to feed her child, this decision is strongly influenced by economic, environmental, social and political factors.

Breastfeeding confers both the short and the long-term benefits to both the child and mother. Women who breast-feed have a lower than average risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease later in life. Breast-fed infants enjoy greater protection from infections and metabolic disease.

Many women do not have access to the truth about breastfeeding and have been misled by infant-formula marketing to believe that they must spend a good amount to provide the best nutrition for their babies.

WHO has time and again slammed the milk substitute industry for falsely promoting their products. Only when the child cannot breastfeed or the mother cannot feed, that the artificial milk is necessary.

Make fact based choice, not advertisement based choice.

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