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  • Posted On September 14, 2018

How to Survive a Heart Attack When Alone | Detcare

You can never predict when you might feel the chest pain, or even a left shoulder pain that are usually the initial symptoms of a Heart attack and the situation might get complicated if you are all alone.

A lot many people die in heart attack just because they try to make it to the hospital by their own effort, thus putting extra strain on the heart leading to collapse.

How to survive?

Do not panic, do not walk, immediately sit down, then call the ambulance, relative or anyone else you feel will reach you the earliest.

Anyone having any risk of heart attack should always keep the Aspirin tablets in the pocket.


Should I take an aspirin if I think I'm having a heart attack?

If you have Aspirin, then immediately chew aspirin tablet (300mg), unless you’re allergic to it.

But again we repeat, the first thing to do if you think you're having a heart attack is to sit down and call the nearest possible person, emergency number, hospital, ambulance or call anyone nearby.

Do not think that you can make it to hospital by walking or running. Do not look around for a pharmacy shop for aspirin. Any activity may put unnecessary strain on your heart.

If you don’t have an aspirin next to you, just stay resting until some help arrives or board some taxi for the hospital if available by side.

Rest and Aspirin are the best way to survive, any effort will only minimize the chances.

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