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  • Posted On July 05, 2018

Surgeon took painkiller injection for Appendicitis, while performing 9 Surgeries| Detcare

A Chinese doctor has earned massive praise from millions of netizens for displaying selfless dedication in fulfilling his duties while suffering in his own pain.

Dr. Liang Fuqun, a surgeon at a hospital in Si County, Anhui Province, China, was captured on video being injected with a painkiller while performing surgery on a patient.

Dr. Liang was reportedly enduring a stomachache on the morning of June 24 but brushed it off thinking it would eventually go away, according to Beijing Youth Daily via Shanghaiist.

As a precaution, the surgeon asked his supervisor, Dr. Shi, to accompany him through his surgeries for the day.

However, Liang suddenly experienced a sharp pain around his abdominal area while he was working on his third procedure.

Despite the sudden jolt of pain, he did not stop or take a break from the surgery.

Instead, he opted to have someone administer a painkiller injection on himself as he continued to operate on his patient.

The now-viral footage also shows that Liang was in so much pain that he squatted down at one point.

After the injection, the determined doctor went on to continue performing surgeries, completing a total of nine procedures that day.

Liang would later find out via an ultrasound after completing his last surgery that his stomach pain was an acute case of appendicitis and he himself was in dire need of an operation.

“By the time we opened him up, there was already pus oozing out. His appendix was about 10 cm long, almost as thick as my thumb,” Shi was quoted as saying.

While many found his efforts to be heroic, others thought it could have put his patients in potential danger.

After his successful surgery, Liang explained why he decided to continue working despite being in pain.

“There was a power outage in our department, so there were a lot of surgeries lined up yesterday. We doctors can’t afford to get sick. If we get sick, then the patients have to wait. I often worry about the patients. I justed wanted to complete their surgeries and help them recover sooner,” Dr Liang said.

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