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  • Posted On September 29, 2018

Who Killed the “Doctor”?; asks the Doctors| Detcare

“The doctor killed the patient” or “the hospital killed the patient” – a statement you can find frequently in news nowadays.

Have you ever wondered what if the patient himself was a doctor?

-He was the Medical college Dean (not naming but you can certainly find the news, few years back). A well renowned surgeon, a highly respected soft spoken person.

That morning suddenly the news came that Sir is ‘NO MORE’!

‘He was supposed to get operated for the hernia, some anaesthesia complication occurred and he is no more.’

It gives you a real shock specially when yesterday only he took your classes.

We found out that he was having Hernia and was supposed to get operated that morning and the operating doctors were his good #friends, both equally qualified surgeons. He was taken into operation theatre, and following the normal protocols the anaesthesia drugs were given, that suddenly a complication occurred and doctors couldn’t revive him after all efforts.

Head of the Medical school, a healthy, physically fit person, operated upon by his colleagues, having both the children as doctors, was to get operated for a very simple problem in which hardly any complication occurs. Still it occurred and he is no more.

Can we ask this question now – “ Who killed the Doctor?”


This is how complicated the human body is, this is how unpredictable things are when you operate upon a running, living machine. You take precautions of the things you understand about but you are helpless about the laws, reactions which no one can predict.

His children didn’t blame anyone even for once because they understand how handicapped we are infront of life and death.

Life and human body is not like maths or physics – Here 1+1 can be 2, or can be 0 or can be 5, the same time without any warning. After having the same food – one of you might get the food poisoning, others might not, one might get the drug reaction, other might not. Why ?

Because 1+1 is not always 2 here.

They try to correct this calculation always, sometimes they succeed sometimes they do not.

Show trust upon them because only if they feel motivated that they will try their best to correct that 1+1 calculation for you, if ever you need.

Dr Mayank Gupta


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